Grace Shaver

Grace Shaver

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Hi, I'm Grace

I have studied dance since age three, fostering a deep appreciation for my body and the movement it's capable of. My fondness for movement developed into a love of yoga, and in December 2019, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. In the fall of 2020 I became a trauma-informed yoga instructor and today my dance and movement work focuses on the connection between mind and body. I am a contemporary dance performing artist and holistic and whole-bodied ballet educator. I am intrigued by how the body can move in the most comfortable and natural way, and my current class offerings focus on connecting my research surrounding trauma and the body to real-life practices. I aim to offer a safe space for one to feel joy and appreciate their abilities.

Aside from dance and yoga, things that bring me joy include hiking, swimming in the ocean, sharing home-cooked meals with friends, and attending live-music gigs. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and briefly lived in Boston before moving to San Francisco in August 2021. I've found a wonderful community here in California, and I'm grateful for the lovely people I know on both coasts.

In addition to my experience in dance and the arts, I write in my spare time and have worked as both an editorial assistant and a music journalist.


2023 - ritual mycorrizhal

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Certified Yoga Instructor

200-hour teacher training with a Yoga Alliance registered school

30-hour continuing education; Trauma-Informed

100+ hours of teaching experience

Current Offerings

Flow and Restore Yoga Flow

Wednesdays 8 to 9:15 PM at ODC

351 Shotwell Street, San Francisco

Register here:

For 1-on-1 or small group classes in San Francisco or virtually, please contact me here.


Doula Services

Grace grew up on the east coast as the eldest of three sisters and spent the majority of her summers working with children and families as a camp counselor and later a full-time nanny.

Her interest in reproductive justice and birth work combined with her 7+ years of childcare experience encouraged her to pursue doula work as an extension of her body-based and community centered practices. She is currently offering in-person postpartum doula services to Bay-area families. Grace is also available for virtual consult in postpartum planning and support.

Grace loves trees, but that isn’t the only reason she named her doula services “evergreen.” Grace spent much of her childhood living on a street named Evergreen, and the moments she shared with family, friends, and a greater community there shaped her into the person she is today. It’s also the street where she first babysat and realized that she enjoyed working with children and families. Her appreciation for Evergreen Walk and the people that raised her there even led her to get a tattoo of an Evergreen tree when she was 18 years old.

Now evergreens have taken on a whole new significance. As a freshman at Boston University, Grace learned that in journalism evergreen refers to content that is not time-sensitve. Rather than a breaking news story, evergreen journalism is something that will be relevant over-time. The idea that evergreen is forever is something Grace recalled when she was first diving into postpartum training and work, because many birthworkers Grace admires believe that postpartum is forever. Grace agrees— the time after a new child is brought into a family is significantly different than the time before for a multitude of reasons. With this in mind, Evergreen Doula Services was born. Evergreen reminds Grace of her home and honors the work she is dedicated to— the work of making challenging transitions joyous and celebratory. Evergreen Doula Services understands that life in the wake of planning for and the arrival of a new child is significant and different than any other experience. Her aim is to make such significant moments sacred, and she does so by working closely with families for an extended period of time. Grace can tailor her services to fit you and your family’s needs, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas.

Ongoing Projects

In early 2023, I (soft!) launched my newsletter Triple M on Substack. Triple M is a platform for my musings, meditations, and other miscellaneous writing. My writing most frequently explores my relationship with the world around me and my spirituality. I'm trying to make sense of things in my life and in my writing, and I invite you to join me as I look for meaning in the mundane and make magic of the everyday.

Dancers as People began as a note on my phone in early 2021 when I realized I had encountered abusive practices during my dance training. I have since dedicated hours to researching best practices for dance education in an effort to design a resource that takes into account dancers' personhood and well-being. You can engage with Dancers As People in its entirety at


Youth and Teen Dance Educator

July 2022-present, ODC

San Francisco

Yoga Instructor; Studio Manager

August 2021 - April 2022, Yoga Garden SF/MOXIE


BA in Performing Arts and Social Justice; Dance

2023, University of San Francisco

200-hour RYT

2019, School Yoga Institute

Grace Shaver

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